Colleges/Universities/Dental Schools Attended

Shahed university - school of dentistry Tehran Iran
Duration: September 1997 - July 2003 
Degree Granted or Expected: DDS

Advanced Dental Education Programs Attended

Implant Dentistry, Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic course of Implant Tehran University , Neo-Dent Dental Implant System Iran, Islamic republic of September 2004 - September 2005
Degree: Cert
Preliminary educational course of Research and Development - December 2007
Advanced educational course of Research and Development - July 2008


Practice of Dentistry

2003 - 2005 Mandatory Military Service    
2005 - 2007 Amir Dental Clinic in Boomehen – IRAN Private practice office
2007 - 2010 Self-employed at a private practice clinic
2005 - 2010 Iran Dental Implant Clinic

Teaching Experience

NSS Implant System at Tehran Uni. Dental School
Description of Responsibilities: I led a workshop focused on training the university students and residents about the advantages of the NSS Implant System and the specific techniques for proper implant impression and prosthesis.

Research Experience

Comparative study of bone repair holes embedded in parietal bone of rabbit with Neo Os Bone Graft      Employer: Shahed University School of Dentistry 2001-2003
Description of Responsibilities: My thesis was based on a series of experiments in an animal model aimed at characterizing sea shells as an alternative material for enhancing bone structure and regeneration capacity after surgery.

Dental Maxillofacial Implants                                                                                                                                                               Employer: NISASTAN UK Ltd 2006 - 2010
Description of Responsibilities: I acted as the principal investigator conducting research for Nisastan company on NSS implant system using an animal model. Our experiments were aimed at improving ossointegration and implant design.

Based composite scaffold made of collagen fibers and PP / PET                                                                                                       Employer: Tarbiat Moddares University
Description of Responsibilities: I collaborated with Dr. Ebrahimi in carrying out animal studies to interrogate the ability of new composite based scaffold made from collage and PP/PET to act as suturing thread in wound closing.

Stem culture into Osteoblasts over Nano designed Implant surface                                                                               Volunteer: Tehran University 2006-2007
Description of Responsibilities: I designed and performed a series of experiments aimed at isolating the growth factors and conditions that would result in directed differentiation of animal bone marrow stem cells into osteoblasts.

Public Health and Community HealthCare Experience

Employer: Mandatory Military Service , August 2003- April 2005
Description of Responsibilities: As part of my mandatory military service, I practiced as a general dentist in an extremely poor city in Iran. I faced a patient population with different healthcare needs and priorities.


Volunteer: Iman Free Dental Clinic, August 2009- December 2010
Description of Responsibilities: I provided general dental care at no cost to poor patients with little to no access to health care. This was a unique opportunity to give back to the community and help improve quality of their life.

Awards / Prizes

First educational position among student
Shahed Dental School - July 2003
Best Doctoral Thesis in dentistry 
Doctor Hedayat Prizes - September 2005


Single tooth immediate load implant replacement by Neo Dent implant system; Journal of Islamic Dentist Association (JIDA)

Conference Presentations

Bone graft new findings 
Iran Center of Researches and grafted products Iran, Islamic republic of November - 2007 
Comparing the two types of implant restorations binding with cement or with screws to the implant 
Iran Scientific Association of Prosthodontists Iran, Islamic republic of July - 2009 
Replacement of single anterior maxillary teeth by dental implants, assessment of soft tissue around the implant 
Iran Scientific Association of Periodontists Iran, Islamic republic of August - 2004 
How to build prosthesis attached to dental implants 
2nd national scientific Congress of Iranian Genera Iran, Islamic republic of May - 2006 
Comparative study of bone repair holes embedded in parietal bone of rabbit with Neo Os Bone Graft , as a substitute for bone powder with a membrane protected by Titanium Foil, Bio Guide 
47th Scientific Annual Congress of Iranian Dental Iran, Islamic republic of November - 2007 
Immediate Load reconstruction of single-tooth dental implants with NISASTAN dental implants 
Iran Scientific Association of Periodontists Iran, Islamic republic of December - 2004atement

International Conference Attendance

  The Greater New York Dental Meeting 2011 
As a Committee volunteer
  AEEDC  Dubai 2010 UAE International Dental Conference
As a attendance
  Sino Dental , 13th China International Dental Meeting 2009 
Bone Grafts New Findings
As a Lecturer
  Vienna International Dental Exhibition 2008

As a attendance